Technology Place regularly monitors a wide array of products, markets, and issues, so clients can concentrate on making the appropriate decision for their business needs.

Strategic Planning

  • Strategic plans for new product or service implementation.
  • Assessing technology's "fit" within your business operation.
  • Identifying tools and techniques to improve business and worker productivity.
  • Design and management of budget control systems.
  • The Technology Audit: analysis of the effective use of technology.
  • Monitoring technology's influence on regional business activity.

    Knowledge Management Services

    How to extract valuable business knowledge from the volumes of data and information available on the computer, the Web, the Internet, and in publications both online and offline.

  • Emerging Products and Issues

  • Multi-client reports of market and product trends in areas of shared client interest.
  • Objective analysis of emerging trends in focused industry areas.
  • "How To Guides" to implement selected emerging technologies.
  • Surveys of products and resources in targeted areas of business concern.
  • Development of training and educational materials.
  • Technology to support economic growth strategies.

    Market Research and Analysis

  • Market analysis to identify new and improved business opportunities.
  • Access to a wealth of technical product and vendor information.
  • Easy-to-understand tools to compare product features and functionality.
  • Direct access to vendor and product research resources.
  • Opportunities to test and evaluate products before acquisition.

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