Our growing company, EnviroLogic, knew we had to make a good first impression with our clients, so it was essential that we create an informative, easy to navigate website. The website that Technology Place created for EnviroLogic -- as well as your personal responsiveness to our many questions -- far exceeded our expectations. The real proof of the pudding has been the glowing feedback that we have received from EnviroLogic's clients -- they love being able to view our qualifications, firm resume, current client list, FAQs, and even an electronic copy of our firm brochure (you managed to reproduce our glossy full color brochure perfectly). We are so pleased with the website that you have created for our company that there is no doubt who we will come back to again and again as we grow and continue to expand the website -- Technology Place.

Joseph Rohn & Gregg Gann
EnviroLogic, LLC

What you created for me when you designed my website is so much more...it's my 'online resume', a way of disseminating information about ALS to the world and a source of hope to many.

Since I am completely paralyzed, unable to speak and on life support, the website is my lifeline to the world. Friends, family and fans can go to this one place to read my writings from newspapers as far apart as the San Francisco Examiner and the NYTimes.

Thank you so much,

Dale O'Reilley
Dale O'Reilley Online"

Thank you so much for all of your work and the suggested changes with our web page. We are very pleased and proud of how we look on-line, with much appreciation for your expertise. . . . Again, muchas gracias!!!

Angela B. Winston
Communications and Program Development
Pacific Coast Regional Corporation

I am delighted with your work on the Cogeneration Planners' Web site. Very good work. Thank you.

Farhad Ghahremani

Thank you for helping me to clean up my web site and making it better. Also your patience and guidance has made me feel much more comfortable with working in cyberspace.

R. D. Lottie Jr., painter
Clowns of Joy

. . . your overview was exactly what we had in mind. It provided a good framework, especially for those who had no knowledge of the Internet.

William F. Smith
Vice President - Corporate Administration
Intex Recreation Corporation

Let me take this opportunity to say 'thanks' once again for your help in bringing off Tuesday's workshop on Telecommuting. You're a great speaker, and your presentation was well received.

James A. Murphy
Murtaugh Miller Meyer & Nelson on behalf of the
Orange County Business Council

. . . [as an] Advisory Board member... you provide the link between [new course development]... and the business community, help us to define the learning needs of employers and their workforce, and identify critical components for an effective program [for extension education.]

Shelley Bartenstein, Ph.D.
Executive Director,
Division of Business and Industry Services
California State University Northridge

. . . how much we appreciated your presentation [on California's experience with technology transfer.] The feedback was very positive... Thank you for your valuable contribution. . .

Stewart Worden,
Economic and Strategic Development Unit
London Borough of Croydon

Thank you for the excellent training session this morning, Elizabeth - my understanding is head and shoulders above where it was when you arrived, and my confidence level has made quantum leaps. I sincerely appreciate your time and skill - you are an outstanding teacher! I'm going right into a practice session so I will retain what I learned and be able to put it to good use for LAIOC's site. You make it seem very simple. I sincerely appreciate the time and skill involved in getting me to a point where my heart doesn't fibrillate at the thought of "posting" something to the site.

Mary Silzel, Orange County Chapter, Lambda Alpha International

Elizabeth Ghaffari has been just wonderful in setting up a Web Site for our group . . It's great how it's shaping up. [GG]

Elizabeth, the web site looks great. I am sure it took a bit of time on your part. Thanks for the effort!! [OC]

. . . by the way, the Web Site looks great. [LW]

I think the web site is GREAT! It will be so helpful. Thanks to Elizabeth for setting it up. I like the way it is laid out. [AR]

This is terrific . . . it really looks great . . . Elizabeth . . . thanks so much for putting it together. [CS]

It's FABULOUS!! Thanks . . .what a great idea. [AM]

Comments from the members of
The Network of Executive Women

This is REALLY cool! It took something that was so complicated and simplified it into a series of steps that aren't overwhelming anymore. I'm so optimistic. This is fabulous!

Sherill Young
Marketing Coordinator
California Association of Realtors®
upon completion of the database system for tracking subscribers and orders

"Ode to Joy!"

Gerd-Ulf Kreuger
Deputy Chief Economist
California Association of Realtors®
upon completion of the International Real Estate Section's Web page and Bulletin Board System.

. . . I also want to thank you for all of the help that you've extended to ... the various people that you've worked with at the company. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed and valued the time with you.

Lou Piatt
Former CEO
The Prudential - Jon Douglas Company

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you personally for the wonderful support and dedication given on behalf of the [Entrepreneurial Institute]. Without individuals like yourself ... we could not offer the quality business assistance information that is vitally needed in our small business community.

Angela B. Winston
Communications and Program Development
Pacific Coast Regional Corporation

. . . thank you so very much for all your work on both the [video] presentation and speech. . . . [The product launch of our international training program and facilities] was a great success. . . the Video you produced was well received and left an excellent impression on our clients.

Sheila Diwakar
Career Development Foundation of Oman

I was very impressed with the work you performed [in evaluating the effectiveness of transportation management associations]. The analysis and recommendations which you presented to OCTA management and staff were well received.

Marilyn Marquez
Commuter Network Department
Orange County Transportation Authority

. . . we make your complex world
by bringing emerging technology
home to business.

Thank you so much for your time, input and wonderful insight. I so appreciate all the ideas and leads you provided for The Giving Watch. . . . All this information is very valuable and I'm thankful for the opportunities that may arise, as a result.

Your insight and strategies immediately gave me leads to follow and a great potential new sale channel for my company. Your knack for seeing the big picture, coupled with very keen problem solving abilities make you well-suited to provide help to companies wanting to take their business to the next level.

Nancy Lankford, President/Founder -- The Giving Watch

The web site you prepared for me is wonderfully done, well written, exciting and clear. I love it.

Many friends and family who have read it contact me and praise the quality and organization of this work. It is fabulous, they say and I agree.

You should be commended for your knowledge as well as your teaching ability of this technology.

Sattareh Farman Farmaian,
author of Daughter of Persia

The LA Leggers Home Page is great; very timely and informative!

I just love being here in cyberspace with you. Just checked the Legger Home Page again, and it's bitchin'!

Comments from members of the L.A. Leggers Inc.

I have just spent a few minutes on a sailing vessel for a complete tour of the Galapagos Islands . . . colorful pictures with excellent commentaries. . . Really a fun time! I have you to thank for the address. Thank you! I enjoyed every minute of it - next best thing to being there.

And I thank you for such a nice trip again.

Barbie and Sink Manning

Thank you very much, indeed, for an inexpensive and fascinating trip to the Galapagos. I sincerely hope that the enormous amount of work put into the web site may serve as an illustration to potential clients of your skills as a webmaster.

I confess that your references to seasickness and strenuous walks increased my enjoyment as an armchair traveler. However, I would certainly appreciate frolicking with penguins.

Frank Mittelbach

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