Technology Place is a California corporation specializing since 1989 in the delivery of innovative business management products and services.

We provide creative solutions to the challenge of how to evaluate, select, plan, budget, and implement technology decisions that solve business problems and improve business productivity.

Technology Place regularly monitors the many products, markets, and services available in the information industry, thereby helping clients track and stay ahead of constantly changing trends in the information industry.

We make it easy for clients to make the hard choices that improve the way a business operates.

Technology Place works, first, with the client to define the business objectives. Next, we help the client understand the business basis for comparing and selecting among alternative technology options. Each client's needs are given the priority -- not the technology.

Our technology analyses are resources that clients can tap whenever their business decisions require in-depth product knowledge.

Our services both respond to current client needs and anticipate future business requirements and trends.

Our completed projects cover a broad area of business challenges and represent a solid foundation of professional expertise.

. . . we make your complex world
by bringing emerging technology
home to business.

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