Economic & Financial

Center West Tower -- Westwood, CA

Phase I: Spreadsheet-based cash flow and financial feasibility analysis for a proposed 300,000 sq. ft. office project located in Westwood Village, California. Estimates of alternative returns on owner equity under different assumptions of phased investment.

Phase II: Monthly schedule of loan proceeds disbursement, a cost monitoring and project management system, including user manual, for the construction management of the 22 story office tower.

Enterprise Bank -- Los Angeles, CA

A survey of comparable organizational structure, by-laws, policies, and procedures relating to creation of an entrepreneurial financial support structure for innovative small business enterprises.

Fruit and Vegetable Market -- Tehran, Iran

Coordination of the design and economic teams for a 220,000 square meter trade and support facility for a centralized wholesale trade and distribution center, including 95,000 square meters of ancillary sales/office space.

The Legendary -- Costa Mesa, CA

Task flow analysis, development budget, and business plan for implementation of a major sports facility in Orange County, California.

Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena -- Los Angeles, California

Twenty year cost-revenue projection for management and operation of the publicly-owned Coliseum and Sports Arena by a private sector joint venture.

Tejon Ranch Financial Analysis -- Tejon Ranch, CA

A 25-year financial valuation program based on the General Plan for the 285,000 acre holding in Southern California. Detailed cost, revenue, and cashflow projections and derivation of residual land values in support of the general plan of Tejon Ranch, Kern County, CA.

Comparative Land Valuation -- Toseh-e-Lavizan, Iran

A model to derive the relative land values for 1,200 individual parcels located on 250 hectare in one of the New Communities near Tehran, Iran. The methodology established values based upon a hierarchy of planned amenities and facilities.

Employees' New Town -- Khuzistan, Iran

Project phasing and construction cost pro forma for the residential and community support facilities to house the staff and workers of the new atomic energy plant. The community was planned to house the employees during the construction as well as operation of the plant.

AFFA - Project Monitoring -- Tehran, Iran

Development of a project cost monitoring system for all of the firm's architectural, engineering, and planning projects.

Tourism Development Study -- Central America

On-site research, evaluation, interviews, and facilities assessment for the tourism promotion organizations and infrastructure in the six Central American countries. Recommendations concerning opportunities to receive investment from U.S. aid organizations. Identification of new marketing strategies to target large-membership organizations throughout the world.

Regional Shopping Center -- Cupertino, CA

Economic and environmental impact analysis of a proposed 1,000,000 square foot shopping center in suburban Cupertino.

Marina Feasibility Studies -- Redwood City/Los Angeles, CA

Economic and financial feasibility studies pertaining to selected coastal marina developments in Northern and Southern California.

Second Home Community -- Oahu, Hawaii

Tabulation of project development quantities from the master plan of a high-income-oriented second-home community, including all infrastructure and housing elements. Program of alternative construction schedules to identify critical financing peaks and troughs. Forecasts of the most economically viable project schedule.

Community Plan -- Carson, CA

Economic, physical, and community planning recommendations for revitalization of an industrial-based community. Proposal for civic participation in beautification programs and development of sign-control ordinance planning efforts were primary parts of the renewal program's decision.

Embarcadero Development -- Los Angeles/San Diego, CA

Long term growth plan and economic land use strategies for the multi-purpose developments of the San Diego Embarcadero marina.

Coastal Revitalization Plan -- Imperial Beach, CA

Financial feasibility analysis for the revitalization plan of a Southern California coastal town.

Private Residential Development -- Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Assessment of community patterns and proposed price structures for single-family housing along the Rancho Palos Verdes peninsula community.

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