Personal Technology Training

  • Mary Silzel (LAI Orange County) - HTML and Web site support
  • David King - HTML and Web site support
  • Tersit Asrat - Microsoft products - Windows 95, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Wei Wang (CAR) - Microsoft Access and PowerPoint
  • Mary Powers (CAR) - Microsoft Access, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Sherill Young (CAR) - Microsoft PowerPoint, Access, and Excel; Internet browser and search tools
  • Paula Green (CAR) - Microsoft Access
  • Ann Framrose (CAR) - Microsoft PowerPoint; Internet browser and search tools
  • Gerd Ulf Kreuger (CAR) - Microsoft PowerPoint; Internet browser and search tools

    Date: 1998 (ongoing)
    Location: Los Angeles and Orange Counties, CA

    The Prudential - Jon Douglas Company

    Corporate training for Executive Committee members in data mining the Internet, government and economic indicators online. Consolidation and presentation of focus group feedback regarding the corporate Web site. Strategic business planning recommendations for future corporate Web site remake and enhancement.

    Date: July 1997
    Location: Beverly Hills, CA

    Thousand Oaks Library

    Staff training for Reference Librarians in the fundamentals of HTML programming, introductory graphics, and good Web page design criteria. Two group-oriented training sessions included interactive lectures and questions & answers.

    Date: August 1997
    Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

    California State University at Northridge

    Elizabeth Ghaffari developed course material for the California State University at Northridge in their Transportation Demand Management Extension Certificate Program. Her course topic was "Work Content and Work Linkages: The Business Beneath the Telecommuting Program".

    She also served as a member of the Advisory Board for development of the Transportation Demand Management Extension certificate program for California State University at Northridge.

    California State University at Fullerton

    Ms. Ghaffari served as a guest lecturer for the California State University at Fullerton in the Transportation Demand Management Extension Certificate Program, speaking on the subject of telecommuting and the business view of technology.

    Golden Gate University -- Irvine, CA

    Ms. Ghaffari was a guest lecturer at Golden Gate University in their Telecommunications Graduate Degree program. She provided graduate level instruction on the topic of Telecommunications, Technology and Society.

    University of California at Los Angeles

    Ms. Ghaffari provided one of the first lecture series at the University of California, Anderson Graduate School of Management, in the field of technology applications in the real estate profession. She was guest lecturer of a course on introductory computer operations, software, application languages and programs pertaining to housing market analysis, real estate appraisal techniques, and other economic forecast capabilities of small and medium-scale computers for the Urban Land Economics Program, Graduate School of Management.

    Introduction to Lotus 1-2-3

    Ms. Ghaffari developed a survey course introducing the Lotus Development Corporation's spreadsheet analysis product, Lotus 1-2-3. She developed course material and an introduction to operating system commands.

    Computer-Using Educators -- Irvine, CA

    As guest speaker and representative of the commercial data processing profession, Ms. Ghaffari was invited to discuss the future impact of computers on contemporary education programs and professionals.

    Panel Moderator and Project Leader -- IBM Guide Conferences

    Computer graphics applications for business and office productivity, as part of the IBM Users Conference in various U.S. cities.

    Management Education Forum -- Los Angeles, CA

    Ms. Ghaffari developed training module for middle-level managers in task delegation and strategic planning as a part of the Management Communications Conference for First Interstate Services Company.

    Harvard University in Iran Center for Management Studies -- Tehran, Iran

    Ms. Ghaffari designed and developed graduate case study materials, including the research and preparation of all class and study material for the Iran Center for Management Studies (Harvard University) in the following areas:

  • Promotion of trade among third world nations
  • Environmental issues in developing economies

    International Congress of Women Architects -- Ramsar, Iran

    Presented a paper on the subject of long-term planning tools and techniques and their impact on the human living environments, developed in collaboration with Noushin Ehsan, AIA.

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