Information Management

Parking Management System -- Westwood, CA

As part of a continuing program to provide enhanced management tools for a large commercial developer in West Los Angeles, Technology Place designed, developed and provided training in a microcomputer based system to help manage income and expenses relating to a corporate parking system.

Change Estimating System -- Westwood, CA

Other microcomputer systems developed for commercial development clients include a construction cost management system used to track changes to the building's architectural and construction plans and to monitor their associated costs.

Litigation Support System -- Los Angeles, CA

Technology Place developed product specifications, provided product research and comparisons, and pricing and negotiation assistance for two clients, a corporate attorney and a commercial developer. Their objective was a system that would enable them to scan, electronically-speaking, through thousands of pages of contracts, correspondence, and depositions to help them prepare the research and legal briefs for a law suit regarding a contractual dispute. The selected product was an office-based image processing system used to support litigation research and retrieval as well as inter-office correspondence.

Production Lifecycle -- Los Angeles, CA

Established the Project Implementation Schedule covering 20 to 40 projects each month, ensuring that responsible departments met project demands on time and within budget.

Computer Graphics Services -- Los Angeles, CA

Business plan and strategy, budget management, and market promotional efforts to introduce Computer Graphics Services as a fully-integrated product offering on the Information Center's timeshare service.

Systems Software Responsibility Center -- Los Angeles, CA

Consolidated and standardized systems software procurement and support activities for 7 data centers, eliminating $2 M in redundant software costs annually.

Corporate Capacity Planning System -- Los Angeles, CA

Coordination of interviews and feedback from 15 bank departments, each one supporting a unique set of financial services products, in forecasting computer resource needs for 3 to 6 months.

Management Cost Reporting System -- Los Angeles, CA

Implementation and maintenance of an integrated budget forecast and monitoring capability tying together the eight principal data processing cost centers and allowing greater control over their planned and actual budgeted expenses on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Computer Support Services -- Los Angeles, CA

Responsible for the computer resource management function, professional office automation services and software, and the phased introduction and testing of new software for the Information Centers of Security Pacific Bank and First Interstate Services Company.

Transport Expense Control System -- Los Angeles, CA

Design, development, and installation of an on-line database and reporting facility for the Corporate Secretary, Chief Pilot's Office, to automate time-consuming manual procedures, provide error-checking capabilities, and programming training for that office's staff.

Global Funds Transfer System -- Los Angeles, CA

Full responsibility for the design, programming, and testing of a management monitoring and reporting system to identify and trace outstanding bank electronic funds transfer amounts.

Computer Resource Billing System -- Los Angeles, CA

Conception, creation, and implementation of the on-line billing system, itemizing monthly client use of the time and time-share equipment resources offered by the Information Center; management reports by major organizational group; provision of special security verification procedures for the Information Center data security area.

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