Emerging Markets

The following are multi-client reports, covering emerging market and product trends in areas of shared client interest, conducted by Technology Place.

State of the Art -- Intelligent Vehicle/Highway Systems

An overview of the technologies, history, advocacy, and policies supporting this unique merger of transportation, hardware, software and networks.

A Low-Tech Introduction to Today's High Tech World

Self-defense tactics for businesses trying to cope with the high tech hype of information industry marketing around the "national information infrastructure" or super-highway.

Santa Monica PEN -- After the Trumpets Blare

An evaluation of PEN, the Public Electronic Network of the City of Santa Monica, with lessons and recommendations for other cities considering online electronic information services.

Online Legislative Services

Product review of two online database services for search and retrieval of current and archived legislative bill text and committee activity information.

Online Constituent Services

A review of a Sacramento, California-based online communication service, Capitol Connection, which provided local information on State Assembly Subcommittee hearings, schedules, and agendas.

Distance Learning Online

Overview of the U.S. Distance Learning Association's online video information database, USDLA Clearinghouse, listing contacts and terms of availability of videos available for distance learning or corporate training programs.

Boutique Databases

A review of special purpose or "affinity" online database information services which have emerged after prophets proclaimed "videotext was dead".

FAX: How Do I Love Thee?

A survey of business and educational organizations to identify their rationale for selecting facsimile over online communications alternatives.

Cartographic Software

A survey of computer mapping software, including vendors, products, prices, and features, on behalf of a firm diversifying from market research and economic analysis into geographic information systems.

Artificial Intelligence Resources

Management overview of the artificial intelligence industry, identifying publications, associations, consultant organizations, and software firms considered leaders in expert systems development and shell products for business applications.

Graphic Transmission Alternatives

An assessment of magnetic, optical, and communication tools for architect/design firms with multi-national sites and the need to transmit graphic information in digital formats.

CD ROM -- Compact Disc, Read-Only Memory

The steps necessary to establish an internal CD ROM production capability, together with a prototype budgetary control system.

EDI -- Electronic Data Interchange

Review of the industry leaders and the issues relating to businesses interested in establishing Electronic DAta Interchange systems for procurement, accounts payable, and accounts receivable with large, established providers.

Draw Applause

An evaluation of Ashton-Tate Corporations' business graphing, charting, and drawing software product.

Ventura Publisher

An evaluation of Xerox Corporation's desktop publishing software product.

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